Luminous LED Lighting for Your Lighting Solutions

Luminous LED Lighting provides state of the art lighting effects for all your needs. Our dynamic color changing products have sophisticated options with fantastic displays of color and unique visual textures. LED lighting can be used to brighten up walls with a wall wash, are great for general lighting and work well for residential and commercial applications.

By choosing LED you will save money and help the environment while improving your living space. LED light engines are mercury free and safe to use. LED lights use 90% less energy and generate less heat than a conventional bulb. Our LED lights also provide an excellent source of light for both indoor and outdoor use.

Here at Luminous Lighting we want to make sure that your lighting plans go smoothly and as intended. Luminous Lighting is a technologically focused company, meaning our LEDs are easy to install for a variety of applications. Each lighting fixture comes with an installation manual, which can also be found on our pages.


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