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4 Wire .8' x 1' /46 meter RGB Color Changing LED Neon Flex Light     110/120V- DMX Controller plugs directly into the wall which connects to the Neon Flex Light RGB Rope Controller Cable listed at the bottom. Max operating Length 164'

*available in custom lengths- please contact us for details 970-295-4080

$12.50 per foot

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RGB LED Neon Flex Rope Light is a color changing and versatile and user friendly lighting system. It can be cut (0.5 or 1 meter cutting increments), bent and easily installed on flat surfaces such as wood, plastic, steel and others. It offers the same unique advantages of our solid color Flex Neon including energy efficient, flexible and very easy to install.


Our RGB Neon Flex is easily controlled via our DMX controller and offers 7 solid colors, color wash, color change and chasing effects. Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Pink and Purple.


Product Size: .76' x 1' (20 mm wide x 26 mm tall) LED Space: 0.5" Voltage: 120V Long life (up to 100,000 hours!) and trouble-free operation. Energy efficient Safe low voltage operation cool to the touch High visibility Flexible, easy to bend; Easy to install, and maintain Fully enclosed electronics: no exposed glass tubing as with neon 81' per controller * SPECIAL: $144.00 per DMX controller (listed below in accessories)

Instillation same as Colorific Flex Neon- To download USER MANUAL please click here.


EASY INSTALLATION: It's so easy to install Flex Neon that almost anyone can do it. No training or special tools are required. Just bend the tube to the desired shape and attach it to the installation brackets. A wide range of accessories and connectors enable quick installation of different shapes and configurations.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Flex Neon consumes up to 70% less energy than neon and can quickly pay for itself.

DURABLE: Flex Neon's sealed construction and materials make it resistant to dust, water and UV; there's no glass to shatter. It will survive harsh conditions and abuse that ordinary neon cannot withstand. This translates to minimal maintenance requirements over the life of the product.

SAFE: Flex Neon does not operate at the high voltages used by neon. It is completely waterproof (IP44) and conforms to UL listing 2388.

LONG LIFE: The LED light sources used in Flex Neon are designed to last many times longer than traditional neon and other lighting technologies.


RGB Neon Flex

RGB Neon Flex


High Power DMX Controller

Item# newitem159301143

Product Description
Used for 4 wire RGB Neon-Flex Light.

High Power DMX Controller Specs: Size: 15 cm x 11.5 cm x 4.5 cm Watt: 3 x 1500W

Effects: 7 color changing, color jumping and graduated color changing (speed control) and solid color settings. (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Pink and Purple)

*One controller can power up to 30 meters of 120V RGB neon-flex light. *CE Certified.


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