Colorwasher 252 Remote Controllable

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Designed with large-scale lighting designs in mind, the ColorWasher 252 is the most versatile for indoor wall-washing. This fixture achieves a brilliancy of uniform color up to fifty (50)’ in distance. With 252 individual LED’s and several color-changing effects and remote-control capability, the ColorWasher 252 has the flexibility to set the right mood for many large interior applications. The new remote feature makes this wall washer easy to control at the push of a button.
All fixtures ship with this feature, and only one remote control is needed.  To link them, simply connect DMX cables to each fixture and put the first fixtue in remote control settings and the rest in slave mode.

Lifetime: 60 to 100 thousand hours Input power: AC120V, 50HZ/60HZ Power consumption: 34w Control model: Auto/sound-activated(master/slave),DMX512 DMX512: 4 channels with intensity dimmer and strobe. Dip switch on back to control color mode or controllers listed under accessories at the bottom of this page can be used.

Color Washer


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